Picture Of The Day 04/30/10

BS”D This photo was taken this morning.  Saarah very helpfully decided that she wasn’t going to sit still long enough to finish getting dressed, and instead would rather dance with Pooh Bear.  I think it’s funny that her Pooh Bear is still bigger than her. Tomorrow there wont be a “POTD” installment, but come Sunday … Continue reading

The Crappiest Mystery Ever

BS”D Since “All Aboard the Poop Train” was written a couple of weeks ago, Tevye has drastically improved his ability to deficate in a Tatte-Approved Location(ie his potty).  I was even thinking how funny it was that I had spent all that time writting and lamenting the fact that I felt he may never be … Continue reading

Picture Of The Day 4/29/10

BS”D As promised, this will be the first installment of “Picture Of The Day”, where I will upload a new picture of the kids each and every day.  Be sure to check back regularly to see the new picture. Last week it was nice and warm, perhaps 11 or 12 degrees, and so we decided … Continue reading

Why do Kids Shows Have to be so Badly Done?

BS”D I try to make sure my children don’t watch huge amounts of TV.  Even when the television is on, they’re usually half watching, and half playing with toys.  While the kids are watching tv, it’s usually kids shows, and though some of them are good, most of the kids shows on tv are so … Continue reading

Where Did He Pick THAT Up?

BS”D I’m continually amazed at how fast both Tevye and Saarah are developing their vocabulary.  Each day it would seem that Tevye has managed to learn a new word or phrase, or will suddenly pronounce a word correctly.  For a long time Tevye couldn’t say “Tevye”.  It would always come out “Teh-teh”, and then suddenly … Continue reading

A Boy’s Afternoon

BS”D The other day Nicole needed to pick up some new shirts, and she was going to get together with a friend of hers.  I suggested she take Saarah with her to do Girl-Things such as shopping at the mall.  I’m learning that I wont be able to teach both my children everything they need … Continue reading

The Day I Flipped My Lid

BS”D A couple of years ago a significant change happened in my life.  It wasn’t getting married.  It wasn’t having children.  It wasn’t moving, though we’ve certainly done enough of that for a lifetime.  No, the change I’m talking about is when I full on lost my mind.  From the time Tevye was born until … Continue reading

Habits of Highly Peculiar Children

BS”D My children, like all children, have their habits in life.  They are very particular with how things should look and be.  Certain habits they’ve developed make some sense, but others are just plain peculiar.  As peculiar as they may be, G-d forbid they should be altered in any way, shape, or form.  We, as … Continue reading

It’s all TV Watching and Cookie Eating

BS”D There are a number of people out there in the world who claim that being a Stay-At-Home Parent is easy.  People will ask what on earth could tire you out so much, when really, what do you do all day?  People who have never been a Stay-At-Home Parent seem to be under the impression … Continue reading

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

BS”D Ask any child what they want to be when they grow up, and you’re likely to be given a different answer each time the question is asked.  Some days Tevey wants to be a farmer, some days a firefighter, some days he wants to play for The Leafs(actually that one is pretty constant), and … Continue reading