Super Tatte and the Mess Monster


Saarah has entered a rather messy phase in her development as a toddler.  Not only does she not clean her toys up when she’s finished playing with them, but she’ll actually go around taking toys and books out, throwing them onto the floor, and then get more things out.  This process will continue until she has no toys remaining in their proper place, at which point she will run up to me looking for something to do.  The number of times I’ve nearly seriously injured myself by slipping on misplaced toys is really remarkable.  What’s more remarkable is that I always manage to catch my balance before falling.  I seem to have developed Ninja-like abilities.  Growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s I was a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles, and always thought it’d be cool to develop Ninja skills.  I had no idea that I would later in life, much less so that it would be a direct result of having children.  That would be a really good way to convince people who are on the fence about having kids to actually have kids.  Think about it.  “Have children and you’ll become a Ninja!”  Had I known that I would’ve had kids ages ago.  I’ve also developed Super-Smell.  I can not only tell if one of the kids have a poopy diaper, but I am able to tell which one it is solely by the smell when they walk into the room.  This skill is now not as necessary as Tevye is potty train(ed/ing).  Less than three short years into being a parent I’ve become and Ninja AND a superhero.  I could be “Super Ninja”, which is like a regular Ninja with an improved sense of smell.  I’ve also developed more muscles from carrying children around and pushing that stupidly akward stroller up the hill from town.  Think how much more awesome Superman would’ve been if he’d also been a Tatte!

I seem to have gotten off topic somewhat.  I also have super tangent powers, but I had those long before I had children.

So, the children take their toys out and I nearly kill myself from tripping on them, and then I have the nerve of asking them to clean some of them up.  Since Saarah will do whatever Tevye is doing, I usually try to get Tevye to clean up and ask Saarah to help.  This plan was going along swimmingly for a few months, until Tevye discovered that he could make up excuses to get out of tidying.  He’s now got two responses to me asking him to clean.  The first one, and it’s really quite clever, if not completely obnoxious, is to reply to my request with “I have to pee”.  He will then sit on his potty until he figures that I’ve forgotten about asking him to clean up.  He will then get up and continue playing.  I’ll ask him again, and wouldn’t you know it, he has to pee again.  Of course he doesn’t generally pee during these times, but he knows that it gets him out of cleaning his toys, at least for a moment.  It’s frustrating because I certainly don’t wish to discourage his potty usage, but I also don’t want him to get in the habit of making excuses as to why he can’t clean his toys.  The second thing he’s learned, and I’ll be darned if I know where he picked this up from, is upon being asked to clean his toys will reply with “huuuuh?” and a look on his face that really has to be seen in order to appreciate.  This response only ever comes out when either Nicole or I have asked him to do something that he doesn’t want to do.  I can’t say that I’ve ever received that response after asking if he’d like a cookie.  It’s a response you really just want to smack out of him, but of course I would never hurt my children.  I’ve made great effort to explain to Tevye that it’s very bad manners to respond in such a way, and he has nearly stopped the “huuuuh?’s”, though once in a while it’ll make a comeback.

In the end they do usually clean up their toys.  Sometimes it just takes a little help from Tatte.

One Response to “Super Tatte and the Mess Monster”
  1. Nicole says:

    I especially like the bit where you have pointers for how Superman could improve himself!
    What a sneaky bugger Tevye is! People say that when children are able to come up with lies like that an at early age is a sign of intelligence. . .or it is just annoyed parents trying to find the silver lining. . . take your pick.

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