Habits of Highly Peculiar Children


My children, like all children, have their habits in life.  They are very particular with how things should look and be.  Certain habits they’ve developed make some sense, but others are just plain peculiar.  As peculiar as they may be, G-d forbid they should be altered in any way, shape, or form.  We, as humans are all creatures of habit, at least to a certain extent, but children, it would seem, take that trait to extremes sometimes.  I’m not certain if my children are any more prone to being creatures of habit any more than other children due to the fact that I need my own routine, almost as much as they do.  My habits seem practical, at least to me, and theirs seem silly.  Allow me to illustrate my point.

Tevye wakes up in the morning and sits on the couch with juice and five crackers.  It absolutely, positively must be five crackers. Not six, not four, unless you’re then proceeding to five.  Seven is right out of the question.  This could be due to the fact that lately he’s been watching his girlish figure.  Too many carbs in all those extra crackers.  “What kind of crackers?” you ask.  Soup crackers.  Saltines, to be exact.  These are also the only crackers that will do for T-man.  For a while there I was calling him “The Saltine Machine”.  While sitting on the couch with his crackers and juice he has to be sitting underneath Mama’s Habs blanket. No other blanket will do.  If I had to guess it’s because it might smell like Mama, which I can imagine would be very comforting to a two year old.  It could also be due to the fact that if you turn the Habs logo on it’s side it looks like a clown face.  For lunch each and every day he must have four slices of apple and a peanut butter sandwich cut in half.  They must be arranged to look like a smiley face.  If there is even one extra slice of apple the odds of him eating nicely are greatly reduced.  This habit is more easily altered than the five crackers under the clown face, er, habs blanket.  His absolute must-have routine for the day would have to be what happens at bed time.  First Mama dances with Tevye all the way to his room, singing a song about her thinking he’s wonderful.  Tevye chimes in with the word “wonderful” throughout the song.  Then I come in and I must lie on his bed, not sit.  I must have a blanket otherwise Tevye wont settle down.  Pooh bear must then be tucked in with a specific blanket, lest he get cold during the night I suppose.  And then he will inevitably request some water.  I promise to get it for him after we’re done, and then I’m instructed that I must sing “Tatte Song”, “Tevye Song”, and “Pooh Song”.

Saarah is not quite so picky about her habits, but she certainly has her own as well.  She has to eat her toast in a specific chair in the morning, which I assume improves the taste of the toast.  She also absolutely must have an arrowroot cookie after her lunch and her supper.  As a matter of fact, as soon as her bowl is empty, she will announce that she is all done and that she would like a cookie.  This usually happens in the same breath.  Saarah also needs to have access to her baby doll at all times, otherwise the world may come to an end.  She also needs to make sure to wake up at the most inopportune times.  Of all her habits, I think this is my least favourite.  She’ll usually manage to time when she wakes up with when I’m either doing the dishes or covered in flour.  As a matter of fact, it happens so regularily that I believe she must know what’s going on.

I, on the other hand, only have habits that are practical.  Such as needing to have two cups of coffee in the morning.  One while still in pyjamas, and a second while I’m making/eating breakfast.  I absolutely have to have two eggs on a cream cheese shmeared bagel each and every morning(other than Shabbes when I can’t cook). I will also need to make coffee at around 1pm while the children are eating lunch.  I will drink one cup as soon as it’s made, and then I’ll usually forget about the other until it’s nearly cold.  At this point I’ll nuke it and usually forget about it again and end up drinking it cold anyways.  At this point I’m not entirely certain why I still bother with the microwave.  Habit, I suppose.  I’ll do my best to make sure that things for the kids happen at the same time each day, such as meals, naps, bedtime, bathtime, etc.  If any of these are off, even by just a little while I get all messed up for the remainder of the day.

The longer I have children, the more I realize that we, as adults, are really no different than children in so many ways.  The only difference is that we deem our things to be important, and theirs to be trivial and childish.

One Response to “Habits of Highly Peculiar Children”
  1. Lee says:

    Oh MAN so true, so true. Take Harv for example. If the remote isn’t in EXACTLY the right place on the coffee table……..

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