Where Did He Pick THAT Up?


I’m continually amazed at how fast both Tevye and Saarah are developing their vocabulary.  Each day it would seem that Tevye has managed to learn a new word or phrase, or will suddenly pronounce a word correctly.  For a long time Tevye couldn’t say “Tevye”.  It would always come out “Teh-teh”, and then suddenly one day he pronounced it “Tevye”.  When both of the children were around the 14 month mark, they were starting to put words together, and with both of them one of the first phrases was “bye (insert name)”.  And while learning to say “Bye Tatte”, it would come out “Bye Teetee”.  With Tevye it lasted probably a month before he could say both words correctly at the same time.  After a while I grew to really enjoy getting a “Bye Teetee” whenever I would leave the house, but alas, it wasn’t meant to last.  As a matter of fact, I was a little disappointed when he said it correctly.  For a few days after he stopped saying “Teetee”, I would actually try and encourage that he go back to it.  I realize that this is probably a bad way of doing things, but hey, I’m not perfect.  When Saarah started with the “Hi/Bye Teetee”s, I was very excited, though sadly, with her it only lasted about a week before she started saying it correctly.

More recently, Tevye has started picking up phrases and trying them out.  Some of them he’ll pick up from Nicole or myself.  Other times it’s something he’s heard on TV.  And the last category of phrases that he picks up are my favourite.  They’re the ones that, when said for the first time, elicits an outburst of laughter from any adults present.  These phrases I have absolutely no idea where he got them from.

Although he started using this one the other day, I don’t remember the context, so I’ll relate how he used it this morning instead.  We were in the living room, right before Mama went to work in the morning.  Tevye was watching his show about trains, and Saarah, who now has developed a bit of a shoe fetish, was wanting me to put her shoes on over her pyjamas.  During the theme song of Tevye’s train show, there is the “Toot toot” of the trains as they go roaring past.  Tevye was saying “Toot toot” and Saarah was going on about her shoes.  At one point I said “Shoe shoe” in the same style as the “tooting” on TV.  At this point Tevye stops watching the trains, turns to me, and in all sincerity inquires “Wha’cho talkin’ bout Tatte?”  I have no idea where he picked that one up, but it was absolutely hilarious when he said it.

The other day Tevye was getting off his potty after a big pee.  As he stood up he knocked the potty onto its side, spilling pee in all directions.  It was One-Of-Those days, and I was less than impressed that half of the living room floor had now been splattered in urine.  I got out the paper towels and proceeded to clean.  As I was cleaning, when I was just about finished, Tevye walked over and exclaims “Thats amazing Tatte!”.  He’s never used the word “Amazing” before, so it came as quite a shock when he said it.  Now, this could’ve come from anywhere, but the fact that he sounded so genuinely impressed by my pee-cleaning abilities is what doubled me over in laughter.

Speaking of paper towels and pee, and this is totally off topic, but I think it’s something that needs to be addressed, I think that paper towel companies looking to appeal to parents of young children should really change their advertising campaigns.  Instead of telling me how well your product cleans up juice and gunk from the stovetop, how about you illustrate your absorbancy claims by telling me how many sheets of paper towel it will take to clean up an average toddler’s pee.  Any company that gets their act together and gives me this information will retain my business for ever.  That is actually useful information.

One day Nicole was getting her coat and shoes on in preparation to go to work, and when she was just about finished, Tevye came up to her and said “You look great Mama!”.  Nicole couldn’t help but smile and say thank you.  Another time when Nicole was getting ready, Tevye came up to her and told her “You look beautiful Mama”.  Such a sweet boy.

Recently Tevye has started copying how I say hello to Saarah, and applying whatever nickname I use at the time.  Yesterday he walked right up to her and said “Hey Stinky!” and at another time “Hi Sweety, how are you?”.  He can be such a nice brother.

Tevye has also become more aware of the idea of not feeling well.  Last week at some point he and Saarah were eating lunch and I was sitting at the table with my head in my hands, feeling less than ideal.  Tevye turned to me and the following dialogue ensued:

“Tatte, you’re not feeling well”

chuckle, chuckle, chuckle “No Tevye, I’m not feeling very well.  Thank you for asking”

“You’d like some medicine, Tatte?”

“I would, but we don’t have what I need right now”

“Are you okay?”

“I am, thank you.  I’m just feeling a little yucky”And then he came and gave me a big hug.

Each day it would seem that Tevye comes up with some new way of surprising us.  Thankfully it’s never been anything bad that he’s started saying.  I do my best to make sure he’s not exposed to any bad language, but with two year olds, you never know where they’ll pick stuff up.  He’s always good for a chuckle.  Having a bad day?  Just come hang out with Tevye and Saarah for a few hours and you’ll forget all about it.

One Response to “Where Did He Pick THAT Up?”
  1. Nicole says:

    Then there was this morning after Tevye had a very large pee, and he declared that he had peed cheese orange pee.
    And yeah, I am afraid that I have created a bit of a shoe problem in Saarah. I had no idea that one trip to a shoe store could be so catastrophic.

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