Picture of the Day 05/31/10

BS”D I have to apologize for all of the older pictures I’ve been posting lately.  I keep forgetting to charge the camera battery, but I’m going to take care of that right after I finish this post.  Actually, I’ve said that for a few days now, but today I’m determined to remember. This picture is … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/30/10

BS”D While driving up to “Number 3”, as Tevye puts it(the cabin we stayed in on Cape Breton was cabin number three, and since we returned, Tevye has asked repeatedly to go back to “Number 3”), the kids had snacks in the car.  Usually if you give the kids crackers, they’re gone almost instantly.  I … Continue reading

Perhaps If We All Dreamed of Being Superheros…

BS”D Watching Tevye play and pretend is quite an interesting experience.  He plays with his train set day and night.  Yes, at night as well.  He will generally take one or two of his toy trains to bed with him at night, so as not to miss a moment of potential train-playing time.  Each day … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/28/10

BS”D Try as we might, getting Tevye to go down slides feet first doesn’t always happen. I suppose the rational might be “Why go down on my bum when pretending to fly like Superman is so much more fun?”.  And really, going down feet first doesn’t guarantee safety and a bruise-free day at the park. … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/27/10

BS”D It certainly would seem like the easiest way of taking care of kids would be to sit them in front of the TV with snacks.  With our kids, and I don’t think that they’re really any different from any other children, they’d much rather be playing outside in the fresh air.  They don’t usually … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/26/10

BS”D While we were on Cape Breton, Nicole’s Mum and John had picked up some vegetables.  They had some left over, so they brought them by our cabin, primarily so that the kids could have something remotely healthy with their hot dogs.  They ended up eating half of the carrots and red pepper, even though … Continue reading

What I Learned on Cape Breton

BS”D This past weekend we travelled to Cape Breton and we had a great time.  The weather was warmer than it’s been all year, the sun was shining, and we were on the beach.  The only aspect of the weather I had any sort of complaint about was the wind.  I’m telling you, it was … Continue reading

Photo of the Day 05/25/10

BS”D First off, let me say that I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and for that, I’m sorry.  We’ve had Nicole’s parents staying with us, and we’ve been busy, and it was Shavuos, and watching the Habs not win the Stanley Cup. All of that is finished now though, so I should be … Continue reading

Photo of the Day 05/21/10

BS”D This picture was taken last fall when we were first getting our winter clothes out of the boxes.  We wanted to make sure that Tevye’s snow pants and toque still fit, so we put them on.  Tevye was, at the time, playing hockey with a shipping tube that came in the mail.  All of … Continue reading

A Girl Named Saarah

BS”D I realized recently that I speak much more frequently about Tevye than I do Saarah. There are a few reasons for this; Saarah doesn’t provide very good fecal stories, her shenanigans aren’t usually as outrageous as Tevye’s, but mostly it’s because, while she may be very expressive and opinionated, she’s only 17 months old … Continue reading