Doing Things the Hard Way


Sometimes I question the way that my children choose to execute certain activities.  Since Tevye still has a few months until he turns three, and Saarah is only one and a half, it’s understandable that they might not come up with the most efficient of methods for completing any given task.  Children, and adults for that matter, tend to learn by making mistakes.  Fair enough.  Sometimes though, I wonder if, perhaps, they are trying to do things in the most difficult, complicated manner they could possibly come up with.  Sometimes it’s comical, and other times it’s just downright frustrating.

For whatever reason, Tevye has decided that he doesn’t like eating anything anymore.  It’s very rare that he’ll eat anything other than noodles.  He will sit at the table, making a big stink about having to eat his supper for extended periods of time.  This used to only apply to supper, though now it’s moved to his lunch as well.  It’s not like I’m making him eat horrible things that he doesn’t enjoy.  If that were the case, well then, fair enough.  It’s not the case though.  I know for a fact that Tevye actually enjoys 97.2% of all the food that’s placed before him.  As a result of his refusal to eat, he will have to sit at table, arguing with me for upwards of an hour sometimes.  He knows he’s not going anywhere until I’m satisfied with the amount that has been eaten.  He doesn’t want to eat because he’d rather be playing.  I explain to him that he can play as soon as he’s finished, but for reasons unknown to me at this time, he’s under the impression that this is the most effective method of achieving his goals of After-Supper-Playtime.

Tevye and Saarah have a couple of ride-on trucks, and they’ll spend hours zooming around the house, running into everything, and generally driving me nuts.  When it’s time to put the trucks away at the end of the day, while they don’t necessarily argue the actual putting away of toys, it’s the method in which this task is executed.  After driving around on these things all day, their preferred method of putting them away is to lift them up(the trucks are quite large) and carry them to the appropriate spot.  I have no idea why this seems like a better idea, and even though I’ve explained it many times, they just can’t seem to get it through their heads.  I think to illustrate my point, next time we’re all out in the car, we’ll stop right before the driveway, and I’ll get out and push the car until it’s in the driveway.  Of course, this wont actually work.  They’ll just sit there and laugh at me, I’m sure.

While this particular example applies, I think, to most boys, it’s still pretty funny to watch.  Tevye has gotten pretty good at using the potty(most of the time, anyways) so instead of him just running around with nothing on his lower half, he now wears big boy underwear and, as of last week, pants.  Hooray!  Whenever Tevye has decided that he needs to pee, he will take his pants off wherever he has this revelation, and then walk very akwardly all the way to his potty with his pants around his ankles.  Again, I’ve tried to point out to Tevye that it might be easier if he takes his pants off once he gets to his potty, but the logic is apparently lost on him.  Oh well, it provides me with entertainment numerous times a day, unless he doesn’t quite make it there in time.  In this case, it provides the makers of papertowels with an income.

I know for a fact I’ve done things in the hardest way possible on many occasions, only because I didn’t stop and think about what I was doing.  Of course, as soon as I’ve finished, I realize the error of my ways, and I make every effort not to repeat those mistakes.  I guess that’s one of the main differences between children and adults.  I’m quite certain that I also could’ve done a better job of listening to my parents when I was growing up.  Hell, I’m sure I could STILL be doing a better job of listening to my parents.

One Response to “Doing Things the Hard Way”
  1. Nicole says:

    They are pretty funny to watch try to figure the world out! Keep writing!

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