A Girl Named Saarah


I realized recently that I speak much more frequently about Tevye than I do Saarah. There are a few reasons for this; Saarah doesn’t provide very good fecal stories, her shenanigans aren’t usually as outrageous as Tevye’s, but mostly it’s because, while she may be very expressive and opinionated, she’s only 17 months old and really doesn’t say the same crazy things that Tevye does.

When I say that she is expressive and opinionated, it’s because her feelings come through very accurately on her face and in her tone of voice.  These sorts of things really need to be seen and heard in order to appreciate fully, which is why I’ve decided to go in a slightly different direction with her.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for “A Girl Named Saarah”

One Response to “A Girl Named Saarah”
  1. Grandad and Nana C says:

    This is a lovely piece you did on Saarah and her ways! We really enjoy reading about your family Moishe.

    Love to Nicole, you and the children

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