Photo of the Day 05/25/10


First off, let me say that I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and for that, I’m sorry.  We’ve had Nicole’s parents staying with us, and we’ve been busy, and it was Shavuos, and watching the Habs not win the Stanley Cup.

All of that is finished now though, so I should be back to updating on a regular basis.

The children love playing outside, and with a recent run of amazing weather we’ve spent more time outside than in.  We took a trip up to Cape Breton over the weekend and stayed on the beach.  Tevye and Saarah spent many, many hours just playing in the sand, throwing rocks in the water, building rail lines out of rocks and sand, and a whole slew of other beach-related activities, including everyone’s favourite game “Putting things in your mouth that Tatte wouldn’t approve of”.

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