What I Learned on Cape Breton


This past weekend we travelled to Cape Breton and we had a great time.  The weather was warmer than it’s been all year, the sun was shining, and we were on the beach.  The only aspect of the weather I had any sort of complaint about was the wind.  I’m telling you, it was windy enough to blow the milk out of your tea! As a result, sand kept getting in our eyes, and I’m fairly certain I still have multiple pounds of the stuff hidden in my hair. It was really nice to “get away from it all”, even if “it all” encompasses all 4500 people that live in this town.

Eventhough the trip lasted less than two days, I learned a whole slew of things about my children;

Bedtime in a strange place: We were staying in a one bedroom cabin with our two children and decided the best way of going about things was to put the two of them in the bedroom while Nicole and I would sleep on the hide-a-bed in the main room.  To us it seemed that this would be the best way to ensure that the kids got enough sleep, and then Nicole and I would be free to relax on the couch in the evening without waking them up.  Tevye was going to sleep on the bed, and Saarah would sleep in her playpen next to the bed.  We figured that they were so tired that they would most likely just pass out as soon as their heads hit their pillows.  Sounds like a good plan, right? Apparently not.  Saarah decided that she didn’t really want to sleep in the playpen, or anywhere.  She’d much rather scream as loudly as possible for as long as possible.  I tried taking her out and lying next to the two of them for half an hour, but still they were awake.  I figured that they were close enough to being asleep that I could put them in their proper spots for the night. While they stayed put from then on, Tevye didn’t actually go to sleep until 8:45ish that evening(he went to bed at 7pm).  Once both of them had shut their eyes, I figured we were probably good for the night and Nicole and I could have a relaxing evening watching the scenery.  They did manage to sleep until after we had retired for the evening, but it wasn’t to last.  Around midnight, I think, I was just at that point where you’re nearly asleep and aren’t quite sure what’s real and what’s in your imagination.  There was this horrible, loud sound coming from the room where the kids were sleeping. I realized fairly quickly that an alarm clock was going off and ran in to shut it off before the kids woke from their slumber.  Who sets an alarm for the middle of the night and then doesn’t turn it off before they leave where they’re staying?  Obviously it woke the kids up, and then they were having trouble settling again, so I ended up staying with them for the remainder of the night.  I think I have the world’s noisiest sleepers for children because none of us got much sleep that night. The two of them kept rousing each other with their noisy sleeping, which would only make matters worse.  Next time we go away somewhere, I think we’re going to make every effort to get them asleep in seperate rooms, and, if need be, move them into each other’s room long after there is any chance of them waking up.  I will also make sure to check the alarm clock before putting them down for the night.

Always make a list before you go: I was going to bring a nightlight for the kids, but for whatever reason decided against it.  They really don’t like waking up when it’s dark, and so we just kept the lamp in their room on.  I have no idea why I didn’t bring it, as it doesn’t exactly take up huge amounts of space, but it was a terrible decission on my part.  I was also going to take something to cook with(pots and pans) but only once we had driven two hours did Nicole ask if I’d remembered.  Ah curses, no I didn’t.  She said that I had informed her that I would pack them in the morning.  While I had said that, I figured she would remind me.  She said that I hadn’t asked her to remind me.  I replied that I was going to ask, but I forgot.  Luckily, the microwave in the place we were staying was spotlessly clean and I could kasher it easily.  Mmm, microwaved hot dogs.  Next time, make a list.

When staying in a strange place, make sure the door is locked: No, we didn’t have any intruders or anything like that.  When Tevye woke up in the morning, instead of sitting in bed with Nicole, he said good morning, and then headed straight for the door to go outside and play on the slide.  Thankfully, Nicole was awake and stopped him before he wandered off.  Phew, that was a close one.

All in all it was a great trip, and I do believe we’ll be going back in the future. Next time though, I’ll do things a little differently.

One Response to “What I Learned on Cape Breton”
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    Captain Forgetful! And I did lock the door before we went to sleep, but I didn’t put the chain across. He unlocked the handle all by himself.

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