Picture of the Day 05/26/10


While we were on Cape Breton, Nicole’s Mum and John had picked up some vegetables.  They had some left over, so they brought them by our cabin, primarily so that the kids could have something remotely healthy with their hot dogs.  They ended up eating half of the carrots and red pepper, even though they had protested so much to begin with.  Before they were consumed, the kids decided that carrots with leaves on top make for delightful toys.  As a matter of fact, they ran around playing with carrots for probably half an hour before we informed them that we needed to cook them. This only furthers my point that we should stop buying actual toys and just give them tupperware, empty boxes, and now root vegetables.

One Response to “Picture of the Day 05/26/10”
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    chuckle chuckle, that was funny!

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