Perhaps If We All Dreamed of Being Superheros…


Watching Tevye play and pretend is quite an interesting experience.  He plays with his train set day and night.  Yes, at night as well.  He will generally take one or two of his toy trains to bed with him at night, so as not to miss a moment of potential train-playing time.  Each day it seems that he comes up with new scenarios and ideas during playtime, and interestingly, they’re always very noble causes.

Last night I had taken Tevye to bed with his two trains.  He has two Thomas trains, one larger than the other, and these were his choice for bedtime last night.  When saying goodnight, I will lie down on the bed next to him and sing him a few songs, sometimes read or tell a story, and sometimes just chat.  Last night he told me that I was a bumpy bridge as he drove “little Thomas” up my arm and onto my hat.

“Little Thomas is stuck, Tatte!” Of course Thomas wasn’t really stuck, he was just pretending. He reached for his second train and proceeded to drive it across the bumpy bridge of my arm.

“Don’t worry, Little Thomas is going to save Big Thomas” Tevye told me.  He drove his train until he reached the one that was reportedly “stuck” on my hat.  When the magnets had connected, he backed up with the derailed train in tow. This went on a few more times and then we did our usual Going-To-Bed Routine.

Watching my children and the aspirations that they have got me thinking. When do children stop aspiring to be heros?  Ask any boy what he wants to be when he grows up and you’re likely to be answered with things like firefighter, police officer, super hero, doctor.  I’ve yet to meet a child who dreamed of being an accountant, lawyer, or sanitation engineer(though to be fair, my kids get really excited when the garbage truck comes rolling past our house). There is nothing wrong with any of the professions I’ve just mentioned, and I think they’re all equally important.  Perhaps we feel as we grow older that if we can’t be super heros, then why bother trying?  That, and being a super hero isn’t a real job. A number of people are quite keen to pitch in around the community, or help someone on the side of the highway with a flat tire.  We generally stop actively looking for people to help though.

The connecting factor with all of the jobs that children tend to dream about doing is that they’re all helping someone in need.  They want to show up and save the day.  Even throughout the day, the biggest smiles I get from the kids are when I ask if they’d like to help me.  It makes no difference what I’m doing. Whether I’m cooking supper, digging in the garden, fixing the stairs, or sweeping the floor, they’ll stop whatever they’re doing and rush right over to give their Tatte a hand.

Last night when Tevye was busy rescuing trains from their precarious position upon my head, I desperately wanted to instill in him that his desire to help and save people and be the rescuer are all very wonderful things and that he should never lose that.

Perhaps if we all invested the same amount of time and energy into bettering the world around us as our children do the world could be a very different place.

Perhaps if we all still dreamed of being superheros…

One Response to “Perhaps If We All Dreamed of Being Superheros…”
  1. mom says:

    I did not have the opportunity to read your blog for a few days so today I was able to catch up. Great photos of the kids and an on line dairy of their day to day activities will be a great gift for them in their future.

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