Picture of the Day 05/28/10


Try as we might, getting Tevye to go down slides feet first doesn’t always happen. I suppose the rational might be “Why go down on my bum when pretending to fly like Superman is so much more fun?”.  And really, going down feet first doesn’t guarantee safety and a bruise-free day at the park.

One time during the winter we took the kids to the park and everything was covered in ice and snow.  Tevye wanted to go down the slides, but it turns out that an icy slide combined with slippery snow pants means that Tevye is going about as fast as a space shuttle during blast off.  He ended up rocketing down the slide and shooting two feet straight off the end, only to land on the frozen ground on his bum.  The whole time he was airborne he retained his sitting position, and as a result he ended up looking like Wile-E Coyote running off a cliff and not realizing he’s not on the ground anymore.  We thought it was hilarious, but Tevye’s poor bum did not.


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