Picture of the Day 05/18/10

BS”D Nicole made some playdough for Tevye and Saarah some time ago and they absolutely love playing with it.  While Tevye greatly enjoys making rocket ships, cars, and a variety of other boyish items, Saarah enjoys eating it.  Though we try to discourage Saarah’s culinary applications, she can think of nothing she’d rather utilize the … Continue reading

It was an Accident, Not an Evil Plot

BS”D Last night at supper was one of the first times, if not the first time, that Tevye has shown any sign of being embarrassed.  While what he did was indeed wrong, the look of shame and embarrassement on his face clearly said to me that he’d learned his lesson. Over the past month, Tevye … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/17/10

BS”D The kids love playing with boxes.  It doesn’t matter what size of box it is, they will always find a use for it.  Whether it’s a Kieth’s box that can be used as a robot head, a diaper box that can be used as a plane, rocket, or car, or in this case a … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/14/10

BS”D I think that the favourite time of day for both Tevye and Saarah is lunch time.  It’s really the only time of day that I can almost guarantee that they will sit happily and quietly for 20 minutes or more.  Usually, during the entire lunch-eating process, there isn’t much said, as they’re both too … Continue reading

Just Like Tatte

BS”D My children are, like all children, very curious about the way the world works.  They put such great effort into doing all the things that their Mama and Tatte do, trying endlessly to mimic what they see.  It always makes me smile to see Tevye and Saarah try their darndest to do things just … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/13/10

BS”D Yesterday when Nicole got home from work, after supper was finished, a supper, I might add, that was eaten by both Tevye and Saarah without any complaining, Tevye asked Nicole to take his picture while he drank juice in his bed.  I’m not certain as to the “Why” of Tevye’s request, but there it … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/12/10

BS”D The kids were playing so nicely this morning with their trains.  While both of them really love having their picture taken, Tevye really likes to make sure his toys can derive the same enjoyment.  Today he had to make sure that Percy could be in the picture as well.  Not wanting to hurt Percy’s … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/11/10

BS”D As I mentioned in “Doing Things the Hard Way”, when it’s time to put their ride-on toys away, Tevye and Saarah will carry them to the correct spot after having spent all day riding around on them.  While I continue to try and educate them in a more efficient way of putting these large … Continue reading

Please Don’t Say That in Public

BS”D As I mentioned in “Where Did He Pick THAT Up?” Tevye has some peculiar sayings.  While I first thought of continuing that post with a Part two, I decided to go in a slightly different direction today.  Instead of legitimate phrases that I just have no idea where he learned them, I’ve decided to … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 05/10/10

BS”D Sometimes, as indicated in yesterday’s “Picture of the Day” the children will fall asleep in peculiar locations.  While checking my email this morning, the kids were finishing their breakfast, and I noticed that Saarah had gotten rather quiet.  I looked up, only to discover that apparently eating toast had completely tuckered Saarah out and … Continue reading