Picture of the Day 06/30/10

BS”D This picture was taken a few weeks back, late in the afternoon.  Saarah was just sitting on the couch, and we’d just changed her clothes due to her getting quite gross while playing in the yard. I thought that she just looked very nice, and it was worth taking a picture.  It’s funny how … Continue reading

The World’s Longest Continuous Storm

BS”D Today another one of my articles got put up on Environmental Graffiti. This one is about an electrical storm that has be raging in Venezuela continuously for centuries. http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/meteorology/news-worlds-longest-continuous-storm. I’m continually blown away by all of the weird and wonderful things that go on in the world, and I’m so glad that I have … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 06/28/10

BS”D Some days the children can be quite a handful.  Generally they will listen when either Nicole or I talk, but sometimes they really just get on each other’s nerves. I mean, they will do just about anything to piss the other one off when the mood strikes them. I realize that they’re siblings and … Continue reading

The Miraculous “Rain of Fish” in Honduras

BS”D I thought I’d post my articles from Environmental Graffiti here as well.  Actually, I’m only going to post the link to the article here.  Just thought I’d keep everyone up on what I’m doing these days. I’ll try and get a picture or a post up later today. The Miraculous “Rain of Fish” can … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 06/27/10

BS”D Sorry for the lack of picture on Friday, but we were very busy, and I didn’t have more than 10 minutes to sit down. That being said, I am pleased to let you know that I do indeed have a picture of Saarah for today.  As of a couple of days ago Saarah started … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 06/24/10

BS”D On the weekend, the weather was so nice again that we decided to go to the beach.  We were playing in the water, digging in the sand, and doing all sorts of beach related activities.  The kids found the water too cold to go swimming, but I dunked my head in.  I think it … Continue reading

Our Walk In Pictures

BS”D Last week we went for a walk down by the ocean and I had intended to bring the camera, though I completely forgot. When we got down there I realized my mistake, and I was pretty miffed about it as there were all sorts of good picture opportunities.  So yesterday as we were heading … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 06/22/10

BS”D On Friday afternoon the children and I were out in the back yard.  I couldn’t believe that our radishes were ready for picking already.  Tevye and Saarah had a blast pulling the fresh vegetables out of the ground.  I’m sure it was just the novelty of, after being told for weeks not to touch … Continue reading

Being Tatte

BS”D Last week I was looking at our bank statement and the number it was showing wasn’t a very large one.  It has showed a small number for a while now, and while we’re getting by, it isn’t by much.  As a result of this I’ve been looking for ways that I might be able … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 06/21/10

BS”D First let me wish everyone a happy first day of summer!  It officially kicked off a couple hours ago, and I couldn’t be happier. Today I’ve got two pictures to share.  The first one was taken yesterday.  We were having some friends of ours over for Father’s Day supper.  Saarah just got a new … Continue reading