Picture of the Day 06/01/10


Holy smokes!  I can’t believe it’s June already.  The weather outside would lead me to believe that it’s still March or early April, but alas the calendar says that today is the first day of June.

Once again I forgot to charge the camera battery, so I’m posting an older picture again.  Once again I’m sorry, and once again I shall state that as soon as I’m finished posting this I shall go and find the battery charger and plug it in.

Looking at this picture, you may wonder when Tevye started wearing glasses. He doesn’t.  As a matter of fact, he also doesn’t normally wear a colander on his head either.  The glasses were from a costume that Nicole had worn for a work event, and the colander is just a colander.  Tevye thought that the two combined would have a great effect.

One Response to “Picture of the Day 06/01/10”
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    and it did have a wonderful effect i think! Very stylish!

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