All You Need is Hugs


Yesterday I was having One-Of-Those days.  Everything I tried to accomplish seemed to fall apart, not work, or scream at me.  It was to the point that by noon I was thinking to myself that I could really use a drink right about now. I decided against mid-day drinking and opted for more coffee instead.

It’s not that huge things were going wrong, like Nicole had lost her job, or the house had been foreclosed or anything like that, thank G-d.  It was a whole bunch of little things going wrong throughout the day that all added up and made for a very frustrated Tatte.

While Tevye and Saarah generally get along quite well, playing nicely and quietly for hours on end, yesterday was not one of those days.  Everytime I’d turn my back they’d be up to something; Tevye was taking things away from Saarah, Saarah taking things from Tevye, Tevye smacking Saarah upside the head, both of them climbing behind the couch, one or the other trying to knock down the gate that stops them from falling down the stairs, and just general whining from both of them.

Aside from the kids doing their best to drive me bananas, I am currently in the process of switching out an oil-fired hot water tank for an electric one.  I had asked someone, though I don’t remember who now, and was under the impression that they could run off the regular 120V circuit already in place. Much to my disappointment, it turns out this is not the case.  Now a new circuit needs to be wired in order for me to make the switch.  I realize that this was my fault for not doing a better job of checking, however, this knowledge only made the issue worse.

After resigning that I was not going to be able to complete the hot water tank switch that day, and feeling frustrated about the whole thing, I decided to make cookies.  I found what looked to be a good recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies, but when I had finished the first batch, they all fell apart when trying to take them off the baking sheet.  ROAR!  Yesterday was not my day.  I can bake all kinds of things, generally far more complicated than cookies, and my baking generally turns out quite well.  Why can’t I make this work?!  In the end I found a way to make the cookies work, and they turned out very nicely.  I was so exasperated by this point though that I could hardly enjoy them.  And Tevye decided that Saarah didn’t have a use for her cookie, took it, and ate it, which of course prompted more screaming.

Around four thirty in the afternoon I came in from taking the compost out and Saarah was whining at me for no particular reason.  I was at the point that I told her “If you don’t stop whining I’ll, I’ll… I’ll start whining too”.  I was completely spent at this point.  Saarah asked to be picked up with that very sad, pathetic look in her eyes.  I decided it was easier at this point to just give in to her demands.

When I picked her up she snuggled in and gave me the nicest hugs and kisses.  She didn’t act like a goof and squirm all around.  She was just nice.  In the 60 seconds or so that she was up giving me hugs and kisses, my mood completely turned around.

While she was giving me a hug I realized that, while it had been One-Of-Those days, perhaps there was good to be found in the day as well.  What was I getting so worked up about?

Sometimes all you need is a hug


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