Picture of the Day 06/06/10


On Friday afternoon I took the kids outside in the backyard to play.  Most of the week we had just terrible weather, and so any break in the clouds meant that we were all quite anxious to get outdoors, at least for a little while.

We had been outside for a while, playing with the soccer ball and picking up leaves, when I had a great idea.  I decided to make a little scavenger hunt for the kids.  Well, more for Tevye than Saarah(the whole concept was lost on her).  They spent quite a long time running around, trying their best to locate particular flowers and grasses that I’d previously collected.  We will be definitely be having more scavenger hunts in the future.

2 Responses to “Picture of the Day 06/06/10”
  1. mom says:

    Eventually the kids will both enjoy more complex
    scavenger hunts. Like the ones we did in Bedwell Harbour on Pender Island, seems like a life time ago but fondly remembered. Love the daily photos of the
    kids, it brightens my day.

    • BS”D

      Glad you’re enjoying the pictures Mum. Yeah, those were great treasure hunts that you and Dad put together for Patrick and I. The amount of time and effort that you guys put into the hunt was so greatly appreciated, hiding clues in cracks in the cliff across the water, and in the docks. Seemed that those kept us busy for ages.

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