Being Tatte


Last week I was looking at our bank statement and the number it was showing wasn’t a very large one.  It has showed a small number for a while now, and while we’re getting by, it isn’t by much.  As a result of this I’ve been looking for ways that I might be able to bring in a little money.  ideally I’d like to be a writer. Thanks to this blog, I’ve learned what it is I want to do with my life. I don’t so much care what I’m writing about, it’s just that I really enjoy the art of writing. I’ve been getting my name out to some local papers, and looking for work online. While I have found a website that will pay me 25% of the ad revenue for articles I post, there isn’t much ad revenue to be had.  Sure, if 10 million people look at my stuff each month I’d be living very comfortably, but at this point I’m not anticipating those sorts of numbers, or anything close to that.

I’m also advertising that I can do childcare in our house.  We first thought this might be a viable option for obtaining income before we left BC, though I wasn’t very keen on the idea.  After having stayed home with the children for a while now, it doesn’t seem like a half bad idea. The kids could interact with other children their age and I could get paid for it.  Heck, I could even keep writing when I wasn’t minding children.

While I was sending off resumes last week I was talking to Tevye. He was very curious as to what I was doing on the computer and I told him that I was trying to make some money.  I was expressing to him that I would like to get paid to write, and I asked “Do you think Tatte should be a writer?”.  His response was one that I shall never forget(and hey, even if I do forget, I’ve now written it down, so I can reread it later). While I doubt very much that he could fully grasp what he was saying, it meant a great deal to me.  I found myself tearing up with what he said.  He said “No Tatte, you should just be Tatte”.  He was so sincere when he said it, and I believe he even gave me a hug right after.

I will, I believe it goes without saying, do what I need to do to support my family.  If that means putting the kids in daycare and working at Tim Horton’s, then that is what I shall do(though I doubt this would be a viable option as I think that daycare costs for two kids would be more than I’d be earning).

The time that I get to spend with the kids on a daily basis means such a great deal to me.  I know that there are a lot of people who don’t get this opportunity, and I feel immensely fortunate for each moment I have with them. There was a study done recently, and it was reported that the average North American parent spends a total of 15 undistracted minutes per week playing with their children.  That’s per week, not hour, or day even.  The fact that we, as a society have made ourselves so busy that we can’t even play with our kids anymore is a very sad state of affairs indeed.  Even though Nicole works full-time she spends a great deal of time focused on the children when she’s not working.

I really don’t understand the logic behind spending such a small amount of time with children.  I’ve always really enjoyed being around children, even long before I was a parent.  They’re just such wonderful people.  The way they learn and explore.  The social dynamics that develop when a group of children get together. The things that come out of their mouths, both phrases they use and the things that they’ve physically put in their mouths(Why on earth would you put rocks in your mouth?).

While I shall continue looking for ways to bring in a little money(even just a couple hundred dollars a month would make a huge difference), I shall continue “being Tatte”.  The kids don’t care if their clothes aren’t fashionable, or if their toys are the latest and greatest, or if they only get noodles for supper each night(actually mine would prefer if that were the case).  What they need most of all is the attention and love of their parents.

I love you guys, and I promise to always be Tatte.  I might just have to be a Tatte who does a little work as well.

2 Responses to “Being Tatte”
  1. Deb Allison says:

    Moishe, John and I loved your blog today – your son is the sweetest little guy! (not that we would be biased, of course!). Also, the picture of Saarah in her pretty dress is wonderful – it is printed and will be taking a place of honour on our fridge.

    • BS”D

      Yes, I’m reminded of how wonderful my son is on a daily basis it seems. He’s so very caring, gentle, and sweet(unless Saarah has just taken his toy away), and I pray each day that he never loses that aspect of his personality. Saarah does look awfully cute, and I know full well she’s going to be quite the handful by the time she reaches 16. Oy vey.

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