Picture of the Day 06/21/10


First let me wish everyone a happy first day of summer!  It officially kicked off a couple hours ago, and I couldn’t be happier.

Today I’ve got two pictures to share.  The first one was taken yesterday.  We were having some friends of ours over for Father’s Day supper.  Saarah just got a new dress, and boy does it look cute on her.  I couldn’t resist taking her picture.

The second picture in today’s entry was taken last week.  Tevye and Saarah grew to really enjoy watching curling during the Olympics.  One night Nicole had left the broom out after she’d finished sweeping.  Tevye and Saarah, being the helpful children that they are, enjoy sweeping the floor for Mama, even though they just push the dirt around.  Well, this one time, he picks up the broom, starts running around the house, and he’s yelling “Hurry hard!”.  It was really funny.  They’ve had fun pretending to curl ever since.  While this may not be the best picture of either of them, the look on Tevye’s face is so reminiscent of the classic Maurice Richard image, with his super intense eyes that I just had to include it.


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