Picture of the Day 07/30/10

BS”D Over the past month or so Saarah has developed an obsession with her blanket. She must have access to it at all times. Her monkey is also pretty high up the list, but the blanket is definitely number one. Whenever she gets up from a nap, or in the morning, she must bring both … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/29/10

BS”D Tevye received a wagon for his birthday from his loving grandparents, and thankfully the weather on his birthday was very nice. Nicole and I took the kids outside to play and put the wagon together. During the time that I was working on putting the darn thing together, Tevye kept informing me that I … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/28/10

BS”D Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unavailable to post anything on the blog yesterday. But here we are today, and I shall post something(as I’m sure you’ve already figured out). Today’s picture may not seem like anything special to you, but to me it speaks volumes about my son, and the sort … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/26/10

BS”D Today is the big day – Tevye’s 3rd birthday! Aside from him turning three today, it means that it’s time for his “Upsherin” or first haircut. We went a couple of days ago to get it done, and neither Nicole or I are used to it yet. In the weeks leading up to the … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/22/10

BS”D Well since it was raining all day, and I was busily writing another article for Environmental Graffiti, we didn’t get up to much. We did walk to the store and since Saarah is now getting a little bigger, and a little more sure of her walking, we decided to all actually walk, instead of … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/21/10

BS”D Holy smokes! I almost forgot to upload a picture today. I didn’t do it this morning because we were going to go for a walk later, and I thought I might get some good shots that would be great for the blog. Then I didn’t bring the picture-taking-device as I thought “how many pictures … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/20/10

BS”D The kids and I were out for a walk last week, and while we normally walk along the trail that goes near the water, looking at the flowers and watching the boats in the harbour, the trail was under construction. While it was a little frustrating that we couldn’t do our usual route, the … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/19/10

BS”D Last week was the Pictou Lobster Carnival, which is always a lot of fun. Loads of family-oriented events to take in, including the parade. Tevye and Saarah hadn’t had the opportunity to go to a parade before so they were both quite excited. It was a lot of fun, in a Small-Town-Nova-Scotia sort of … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 07/18/10

BS”D After much waiting, I am happy to announce the return of the Picture of the Day segment of my blog. I know I mentioned over a week ago that the return of daily pictures was imminent, but very shortly I posted that our computer went on the fritz. I was rather frustrated, to say … Continue reading

How To Drive Your Tatte Bananas

BS”D I love my children so very much, but sometimes they can drive me nuts for days on end. While for the most part they’re very well behaved, lately they(Saarah especially) have been acting as though they’re plotting against me. I’ve taken careful note of their actions, and have compiled a list of all the … Continue reading