Firetrucks and Snowy Mountains – And That’s Just Our Yard


Now that the weather has improved drastically, the kids and I have been spending copious amounts of time outside. So much time outdoors, in fact, that I know it’s time to come in when the children are telling me that they now want to go back in. After months and months of them begging to be outdoors, they’re now getting more than they can handle. The increased outdoor time has led to an expansion of how they utilize their vivid imaginations though, which is always good fun to watch.

While I’m sitting on the grass, or watering the plants, or doing whatever it is that Tattes tend to do in a backyard, Tevye has been busily running around pulling grass out of the lawn, leaves out of the bushes, and even though I’ve told him a million times not to, branches off the pear tree. He honestly believes that what he’s doing is desperately needed work, and while it’s quite the opposite, I appreciate his efforts. Every bit of foliage that goes from living to dead in one quick pull of my son’s hand is suddenly transformed into all sorts of, at least in Tevye’s eyes, wonderful discoveries. Leaves taken from the bush aren’t just leaves, and I dare not say that they are lest the wrath of Tevye be unleashed. Oh no, they become rectangles. I haven’t the foggiest idea as to why the concept of a rectangle is so appealing to his inquiring mind. I also can’t for the life of me decide how he has discerned that these torn leaves look anything like rectangles. They look like torn leaves and aren’t even remotely rectangle shaped. I figure, like most things in Tevye’s world, it probably happened one time that he pulled a leaf off and it was vaguely rectangular. From then on, no matter the shape or proportions, they were all rectangles. He insists on gifting me with his glorious, leafy discovery, and I, as any good tatte would, graciously accept and form a neat little pile by my leg so that I shouldn’t lose them.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in the cool shade of the pear tree, sipping my coffee, and contemplating all of life’s mysteries(mostly wondering what my neighbours could possibly be doing with so much gravel). Tevye has taken to running to the very top of the “snowy mountain”, which is really just the small hill behind our house, and is by no means snowy now, or has been for a couple of months now. Once he reaches the summit, he will pull out a handful of grass informing me each trip up that he is getting his firetrucks. Why grass suddenly becomes firetrucks will forever be a mystery, but he’s happy, and the grass could really use a cut about now anyways. He will, like with all of his removed plant life, present them to me with all of the care and attention one might devote to a rare jewel. Again, I make a nice little pile of his discoveries right beside me, again so that I shouldn’t lose them.

Last week, while getting ready to go outside they were absolutely insistant that they bring their shovels with them. I asked why they needed to bring shovels to play in the backyard, and they both responded that they wanted to dig(looking back on it, perhaps that was a silly question to ask. “We are going to build a nice table for you to set your coffee on, Tatte, and it shall be constructed completely of shovels”). So we took the shovels outside. While I’ve spent much time tending to the vegetable plants, I’m working on it with Tevye and Saarah as well. It’s really a joint effort, though my part seems to be much more work than theirs. Still, when they ran straight for the vegetables with their shovels, I thought perhaps this may not work out very well, either for me or the vegetables. Thinking very quickly I decided that perhaps a better place to dig might be near the back of the shed, next to the compost pile. Fearing that this may not turn out as well as I was hoping it would, I sat nearby, nervously drinking my coffee. There was a small pile of grass clippings that hadn’t quite made it into the compost pile yet and they spent close to an hour, sitting side-by-side, laughing and smiling(most likely plotting my demise), but mostly digging through the grass. It was one of those very sweet times in a tatte’s life when you get to watch your little angels getting along so nicely. It just warms your heart. I have no idea why seeing my children play nicely together has that effect, but I’m sure that will be an afternoon I’ll remember for years to come.

One Response to “Firetrucks and Snowy Mountains – And That’s Just Our Yard”
  1. mom says:

    Whether your children are toddlers or adults their parents cherish those moments when all the kids are together and enjoying each others company. It is what family is all about, being together, supporting one another through both good and trying times. I have loved just sitting back and watching as all three of you boys spend time together. Love Mom/Grandma

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