Picture of the Day 07/18/10


After much waiting, I am happy to announce the return of the Picture of the Day segment of my blog. I know I mentioned over a week ago that the return of daily pictures was imminent, but very shortly I posted that our computer went on the fritz. I was rather frustrated, to say the least. That issue has now also been remedied, so, G-d willing, there shouldn’t be any more interruptions. You may have also noticed that my articles for Environmental Graffiti have stopped, but they will also once again resume now that we have more reliable technology.

The other day Nicole took Tevye to a water park/all sorts of random stuff within a fence. Since Tevye wasn’t keen on going down the water slides, they spent a great deal of time playing in the pool, taking in the storybook village, and riding the train that went around the park. It is my understanding that Tevye had a really good time, especially on the train. While they were having all this fun, Saarah and I went to the park, but it was stupidly hot and humid so we didn’t stay very long. It was so hot that the slides had lost all semblance of their Slide-Factor, so she just sat still wherever she was placed on the slide. Not a whole lot of fun of either of us, but the walk to and from the park was quite enjoyable.

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