Picture of the Day 07/20/10


The kids and I were out for a walk last week, and while we normally walk along the trail that goes near the water, looking at the flowers and watching the boats in the harbour, the trail was under construction. While it was a little frustrating that we couldn’t do our usual route, the construction was a welcome change. After many months of the trail being torn up after the city putting pipes below the ground, making for a very difficult stroller-pushing experience. So instead of the trail, we adjourned to the field where I sat and the kids brought me leaves, flowers, and rocks. We watched as the roller went past and both kids were very excited. As soon as it was close, Saarah bolted straight for it, standing right in the way. I informed her that she might end up squished, and since we don’t live in a cartoon, this may not be the best of ideas. Meanwhile, some birds were chirping in a nearby tree and Tevye and Saarah kept running to the tree to see the birds, then back to me to inform me that they had indeed seen the birds, and then back to the tree again.


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