Picture of the Day 07/21/10


Holy smokes! I almost forgot to upload a picture today. I didn’t do it this morning because we were going to go for a walk later, and I thought I might get some good shots that would be great for the blog. Then I didn’t bring the picture-taking-device as I thought “how many pictures of kids on a trail and boats on the water can you have before it gets repetitive?” and so I left the camera at home. Well it turns out I should’ve brought it. Tevye and Saarah were both walking along the trail, holding hands the entire way and it was very cute. They kept veering off to the side and almost into the ocean or into the bushes. I had to keep correcting them. Then we found a cellphone that had been dropped along the way and we hung out and returned it to it’s owner. Then a big truck was bringing a boat to the water and launching it. We hung out for a while and watched that as well. Then we came home and had juice.

So, all of that being said, I give you a picture completely unrelated to any of it. Instead of all those great moments I’ve just described, you get the three of us during a post-swimming, sandcastle-building extravaganza!


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