Picture of the Day 07/22/10


Well since it was raining all day, and I was busily writing another article for Environmental Graffiti, we didn’t get up to much. We did walk to the store and since Saarah is now getting a little bigger, and a little more sure of her walking, we decided to all actually walk, instead of taking the stroller(the fact that I inadvertently left the stroller outside last night and it was soaking wet due to the rain may have also played a part in my decision to leave it at home). So anyways, I didn’t actually take any pictures again today, but what I do have are some pictures of the flowers growing in our garden. I took these the day we bought our new camera, as I was really just wanting to play with our new toy. I decided these would fit in with the general content of the blog because the kids are forever helping me in the garden(s), pulling weeds, or in their case, pulling leaves and flowers off of the plants that we actually want to keep. I keep trying to direct them to the weeds, but apparently the flowers look like more fun to play with. I’ve tried explaining that if they take too much, then the plants will get sick. Tevye always counters this argument with “We can give the flowers some medicine, Tatte”. I’ve tried, in vain, to explain that there’s no flower medicine available. While I’m telling him this, he’s generally eying up the next plants he’s going to pull apart. Oy vey. At least there’s lots of flowers, and I’m sure he can’t take all of the leaves and petals. I hope…


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