Picture of the Day 07/26/10


Today is the big day – Tevye’s 3rd birthday! Aside from him turning three today, it means that it’s time for his “Upsherin” or first haircut. We went a couple of days ago to get it done, and neither Nicole or I are used to it yet. In the weeks leading up to the event we’ve spent much time trying to get him excited about his haircut in the hopes that it should be a pleasant experience for him. All was going fine until it was time to sit in the chair, at which point he decided that this was no longer something he wished to do. When the lady who was going to cut his hair was trying to put the apron on we tried to convince him it was a superhero cape, but still he wanted nothing to do with it. I sat right next to him and talked with him the entire time. He did sit still, but he clearly wasn’t very happy about the whole ordeal. Since the haircut, he looks as though he’s aged at least a year. Although it was strange to see him with such short hair at first, I have to admit that he looks very handsome with his new big boy haircut(my opinion may be biased).

Below I’ve posted a before and after shot.

One Response to “Picture of the Day 07/26/10”
  1. Deb Allison says:

    He certainly is a very handsome big boy,and of course neither Grandpa John nor I am biased in the least!
    Grandma Deb

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