Picture of the Day 07/28/10


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unavailable to post anything on the blog yesterday. But here we are today, and I shall post something(as I’m sure you’ve already figured out).

Today’s picture may not seem like anything special to you, but to me it speaks volumes about my son, and the sort of person he’s becoming. The picture was taken during Tevye’s birthday party, while he was opening presents. The people who came all brought very nice gifts for Tevye, and each and every one was a huge hit. The picture was taken while Tevye was saying “thank you” to Vicki for the present she had brought. When Tevye says “thank you”, he is very sincere. He never has to be reminded to say “please” and “thank you”, he’ll just do it of his own accord. He spends hours playing nicely with his sister, and lately, when we’ve been out for a walk, they will walk together, holding hands the whole way. When we were at another birthday party, Tevye shared toys with the other kids so nicely, and if a line had formed to do a particular activity, he would wait very patiently, and when his turn was over he graciously stepped aside, letting the next child have their turn. When we’re out and we tell him it’s time to go home, he never puts up a fuss, and he’ll gather his things. All in all, he’s such a nice boy. He makes me so very proud to be his Tatte. Watching him grow and develop over the first three years of his life have been such an incredible experience for me.

Tevye, if you should read this some day, I want you to know that whatever you decide to do with your life, whether you become an NHL star or work at Tim Horton’s, it makes no difference to me. I will always be proud of you and the person you’re becoming. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer boy. You’re so good with your sister, and you give the nicest hugs. You treat every living thing around you with such respect, whether it be your family, or a beetle in the yard. I pray you never lose that quality. I love you more than I could ever begin to tell you, and no matter what happens in our lives, that fact will never change. Happy Birthday Tevye.

2 Responses to “Picture of the Day 07/28/10”
  1. Grandad and Nana C says:

    That is a very touching piece of writing Moishe!

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