Picture of the Day 07/29/10


Tevye received a wagon for his birthday from his loving grandparents, and thankfully the weather on his birthday was very nice. Nicole and I took the kids outside to play and put the wagon together. During the time that I was working on putting the darn thing together, Tevye kept informing me that I was “fixing his wagon”. Why this phrase is used to denote displeasure in another person, I will never know(I can’t actually make the claim that I’ll never know why the it’s used that way. Who knows, I may find out one day. Actually, if anyone knows the origins of that saying, please let me know). It seems like a nice thing to do for someone. While I was working on that, Nicole and the kids were blowing bubbles and picking raspberries and peas from our garden. I’m really happy with how the peas have worked out, and it looks as though we should get a good number of ears of corn. The potatoes should also work out nicely. Tevye has been helping me every chance he gets with the garden, and while his help is somewhat less than helpful, the thought is nice, and I’m glad that we’ve found something we can take such joy in doing together.

One Response to “Picture of the Day 07/29/10”
  1. Deb Allison says:

    It sounds like a wonderful garden, Moishe. Congrats on your green thumb!
    Deb and John

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