Picture of the Day 07/30/10


Over the past month or so Saarah has developed an obsession with her blanket. She must have access to it at all times. Her monkey is also pretty high up the list, but the blanket is definitely number one. Whenever she gets up from a nap, or in the morning, she must bring both her monkey and her blanket with her. A couple of weeks ago the temperature, after the humidex, was sitting between 35 and 39 most days, and even still she needed to be wrapped in her blanket, and it is by no means a light blanket either. If I’ve put her blanket away in her crib, she will climb up the side of the crib in an attempt to retrieve it. This method however, doesn’t usually work out very well for her, as she cannot get the blanket out of the crib, nor can she seem to climb back down again. She will end up stuck on the side of her crib, screaming away, at which point I have to come and rescue her. I will, of course, get her blanket out of the crib for her. She enjoys pretending to sleep, no matter the time of day, or if she’s even sleepy in the slightest, as you can see in the picture.

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