Picture 08/30/10

BS”D Over the past few years of being a parent I’ve learned that my children are a riot. Some of the things that they come up with are just too funny. Take this picture for example. For whatever reason, they both decided that sunbathing seemed like a good idea. Saarah with her new glasses is … Continue reading

Picture 08/27/10

What can I say? It’s Saarah. She’s just being Saarah. She doesn’t have any pants on, but she does have a police helmet on. I used to go out into town dressed like that, but then I got in trouble and had to stop. Perhaps Saarah would be able to get away with it more … Continue reading

Picture 08/25/10

BS”D Allow me to introduce you to Maggie, the newest member of the Callow/Allison family. I really don’t know what else to say about the picture. It’s a cat, it’s new, it’s female, and its name is Maggie. The kids love her, and Lola has now gotten used to her as well, which is nice. … Continue reading

Picture 08/24/10

BS”D Tevye received a “bouncer” for his birthday and we’ve had it set up in the back yard for a while now. It’s basically a bouncy castle but on a much, much smaller scale. Anyways, the children have really enjoyed going outside to bounce. It provides hours of entertainment, they stay put, instead of running … Continue reading

Picture 08/23/10

BS”D Holy smokes I can’t believe how much of a slacker I’ve been lately in regards to putting articles and pictures up on my blog. Well, I did film a video of the kids on Friday, though since I’m unable to post video here, I posted it on the Official “Musings” Facebook page. There’s a … Continue reading

Picture 08/13/10

BS”D “C’mon Saarah, I’m sure you can manage to get up here. I realize that the step is as high as your forehead, but I really just think that you’re not trying hard enough. Now hurry up already, there are slides to slide.” We went to the park this morning and just like yesterday we … Continue reading

Picture 08/12/10

BS”D We were all down by the water on the weekend and the kids were doing the best to throw rocks from the trail into the ocean. The only problem was that the tide was way out and so the rocks didn’t make it anywhere close to the water. They didn’t seem to mind though, … Continue reading

Picture 08/11/10

BS”D On the weekend we discovered that Miss Saarah’s hair is now long enough to put into pigtails. We’ve found this to be an excellent way of keeping it out of her eyes, which was driving her nuts for some time now. Aside from the practicality of pigtails, it also looks darn cute on her. … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 08/06/10

BS”D When we go for walks along the trail, Tevye and Saarah will generally now walk together, holding hands the entire way. It’s so cute the way that they never leave each other, and take in the scenery together. Whether they’re collecting rocks, sticks, and leaves, or looking for animals, they do it hand in … Continue reading

Picture of the Day 08/01/10

BS”D We took the kids out for ice cream last week, and we didn’t realize that the place wasn’t open until later on in the day. Thankfully we only had to wait 15 minutes or so, otherwise I believe the children would’ve pushed me into the ocean. They had been very excited about the prospect … Continue reading