Picture of the Day 08/01/10


We took the kids out for ice cream last week, and we didn’t realize that the place wasn’t open until later on in the day. Thankfully we only had to wait 15 minutes or so, otherwise I believe the children would’ve pushed me into the ocean. They had been very excited about the prospect of ice cream, and hadn’t shut up about it for days leading up to the big event. Imagine the dismay on the faces of Nicole and myself when we discovered that we hadn’t bothered to check the hours of operation beforehand. Once they opened up, Tevye and Saarah went with Nicole to obtain said ice cream, and I don’t think I’ve seen them this excited for much before. Since the place is right down at the waterfront, we all sat on the grassy area while the two of them very messily ate their treat. We didn’t think that a cone was a very good idea for two small children, so we opted for a bowl instead. Apparently the man who sold Nicole the ice cream was not impressed that she had the audacity to ask for two spoons with her one bowl. I mean really, the nerve of some people. “You want HOW many spoons? Two! Completely ridiculous and out of the question”. He eventually gave in and surrendered the second spoon to my very anxious children. They were both very thankful and enjoyed their ice cream, as their faces might suggest.


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