Picture of the Day 08/06/10


When we go for walks along the trail, Tevye and Saarah will generally now walk together, holding hands the entire way. It’s so cute the way that they never leave each other, and take in the scenery together. Whether they’re collecting rocks, sticks, and leaves, or looking for animals, they do it hand in hand. They insists on bringing every treasure they find into the stroller to bring home and enjoy at a later date. I informed them yesterday that if they keep taking things at the rate that they were there would soon not be a trail as it will all end up in our back yard. I try and make sure the things don’t actually make it back to the road, putting them “in a safe place so we can find them next time”. One of their other games that they’ve developed is searching for animals while we walk. While it started off with things like ducks, dogs, and insects, they are fairly convinced that they’re bound to meet up with a lion or a moose. Oh well, they walk nicely so what does it matter?

One Response to “Picture of the Day 08/06/10”
  1. Grandad and Nana C says:

    Really cute…can’t wait until next summer!!!!

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