Picture 08/13/10


“C’mon Saarah, I’m sure you can manage to get up here. I realize that the step is as high as your forehead, but I really just think that you’re not trying hard enough. Now hurry up already, there are slides to slide.”

We went to the park this morning and just like yesterday we were the only people in the whole place. I was thinking it might be busy as it is such a nice day today, but I was wrong apparently. Oh well, the kids had fun. Saarah did manage to get up the steps. She has an amazing climbing ability, which is great in situations like this, but not so much in situations where bookshelves are involved. Oh, and there are much more reasonable stairs on the other side of the jungle gym.

Of course Tevye managed to find the slide with a small pool of water at the bottom of it. The water transferred to his bottom after a few runs down it though. Thankfully his clothes dried very quickly in the sun and he didn’t look like he’d pooped himself for very long.

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