Picture 08/24/10


Tevye received a “bouncer” for his birthday and we’ve had it set up in the back yard for a while now. It’s basically a bouncy castle but on a much, much smaller scale. Anyways, the children have really enjoyed going outside to bounce. It provides hours of entertainment, they stay put, instead of running towards the neighbour’s yards or into the street, and I get to sit and drink my coffee. And since there are plastic windows on the side it means that Saarah has something to press her face against and make funny faces, which is always lots of fun. I believe she may actually spend more time shmushing her face than bouncing. Oh well, as long as they’re happy.

One Response to “Picture 08/24/10”
  1. Grandad and Nana C says:

    You just may have an actress in the making there! Love the pictures.

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