Picture 09.29.10

BS”D While I have finally managed to get back into a routine of uploading pictures on a regular basis, due to the fact that tomorrow and Friday are Jewish holidays(Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah), I wont be posting anything again until next week. I suppose that today is as good a day as any to … Continue reading

Picture 09.28.10

BS”D You know, for a girl who has decided that she doesn’t wish to take naps anymore, she sure does take a lot of naps. Today, like so many days before, Saarah fell asleep long after the appropriate time to take a nap. This time I had stepped out of the room for a grand … Continue reading

Picture 09.27.10

BS”D Not only can the actual process of making supper require a great deal of energy, especially when you have two children “helping”, but as Miss Saarah can attest to in this picture, just trying to decide what to make can be enough to tucker someone right out. I don’t know if her friend was … Continue reading

Picture 09.22.10

Yeah, you try and convince Saarah that staying away from a table covered in cookies is a good idea. I kept telling her that if she ate all of her supper later she could have one, but she retorted with the fact that if I wasn’t looking she could have one now. I believe we … Continue reading

Picture 09.16.10

BS”D Our poor cats have to put up with so much abuse from our children, as well as from other children. Whether they’re being pulled by their tails, carried around very uncomfortably, or in this case, treated like produce from the market, our cats have much more patience than I could ever dream to have. … Continue reading

A History of Child Labour in Pictures

BS”D I had previously stopped posting my Environmental Graffiti articles on my blog, as it was suggested to me that I keep this solely about my children, as opposed to a conglomeration of all the things that I’m working on. While I agree with this sentiment, I thought that my latest EG article would fit … Continue reading

Picture 09/13/10

BS”D Okay, okay, I know I’m still slacking as much as I was previously in regards to putting up pictures, but I still have full intention of fixing that. That being said, I present to you the latest in the picture series: I don’t have a whole lot to say about this picture, other than … Continue reading

Picture 09/05/10

BS”D We were in Halifax on Wednesday and while the grocery stores would like me to believe that autumn is fast approaching, the fact that the humidex was sitting at 41C  led me to believe otherwise. We had lunch in the shade, right next to the ocean in hopes of cooling off, but it did … Continue reading