A History of Child Labour in Pictures


I had previously stopped posting my Environmental Graffiti articles on my blog, as it was suggested to me that I keep this solely about my children, as opposed to a conglomeration of all the things that I’m working on. While I agree with this sentiment, I thought that my latest EG article would fit into the realm of this blog. The reason being is that it’s about child labour, both historically, as well as what’s going on presently. While doing the research for this article, I was thinking about my own children, and how fortunate we are to live in such a place as Canada. I learned that there are reports of children doing dangerous jobs from the age of three. That’s right, three. Tevye had his third birthday a couple of months ago, and the thought of sending him off each day to do back-breaking labour so that we, as a family, can continue eating is just such a disturbing thought. I really cannot fathom the plight of the people who see this as a necessity.  I know that none of the parents who are sending their children off to the mines or to a factory each morning are keen on the idea, but rather it’s only out of sheer desperation that they feel they have to do this.

So while I don’t normally push my work so much, I strongly recommend everyone read the article, as there are some astonishing facts found in it. I, for one, was not aware of the extent of child labour in our times. Did you know that there are an estimated 218 million children currently affected by child labour? That’s 14% of all children around the world!

The article can be found at http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/people/news-history-child-labour-pictures


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