Picture 10.31.10 “A Run in the Park”

BS”D She’s going to get you, watch out! You can tell she’s running just as fast as her little legs will carry her based on the blurry area around her forearms. Yeah, I really don’t have much to say about this one. Um, it was cool that morning, but not as cold as today. Saarah … Continue reading

Picture 10.29.10 “The Boy in Pink”

BS”D Before you say anything, yes, Tevye is wearing pink pants. We had been playing outside and his pants had gotten rather messy and were in dire need of a wash. Since we were at someone’s house they were able to loan us some pants, which was very nice. The only downside was that since … Continue reading

Picture 10.28.10 “New Boots”

BS”D Some friends of ours have a little girl who, while quite a bit younger than Saarah, is much larger. They gave us some boots that she’s outgrown, and, as I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions, Saarah loves footwear, so she was quite excited. This was on Sunday, and I don’t believe she’s gone … Continue reading

Picture 10.27.10 “Of Dinosaurs, Leafs, and Elephants”

BS”D It was a toss-up between this picture and a screen shot of the NHL standings, showing off the fact that the Leafs are first. I decided on this one though. I’m not sure what the heck has captured the attention of Nicole and Saarah, but it must be awfully interesting. Actually, I believe they … Continue reading

Picture 10.26.10 “Tevye Wolowitz”

BS”D I don’t know how Tevye ends up looking like he’s out of the 60’s half of the time, but he does. It’s not due to any intention on our part, it just sort of happens. The aviators probably don’t help anything, and the effect was intensified when he was wearing all of this except … Continue reading

Picture 10.25.10 “My Daughter’s Big Mellons”

BS”D The other day at the grocery store Tevye wouldn’t let Nicole leave unless they purchased watermelon. He was insistent again yesterday that we take the previously purchase watermelon slices to the park. It didn’t matter that it was only 5 degrees outside or that watermelon isn’t really a late October sort of snack. Tevye … Continue reading

Picture 10.24.10 “Small Child, Large Hat”

BS”D Who doesn’t love a picture of a little boy in a big hat? No matter your ethnic or religious background, it’s something we can all agree on. Perhaps if children all over the world put on hats that were far too large, all at the same time, we could end war forever. I doubt … Continue reading

Picture 10.20.10 “Bums on Parade”

BS”D There are two things that can be learned from this picture. The first one is that my children very rarely put their toys away when they’re finished playing with them, leading to a house that gets progressively messier throughout the day. Even right now I’m trying to get them to put things away, but … Continue reading

Picture 10.19.10 “Going Up”

BS”D In the picture that was posted yesterday you’ll notice this ramp in the background. You should also notice that Saarah and I are miles ahead of everyone else. These two pictures really illustrate just how slowly Saarah walks. Sure, Tevye gets distracted by things he sees along the way. While I’m not trying to … Continue reading

Picture 10.18.10 “Teeny Tiny Saarah Chayah”

BS”D I’m really starting to wonder if Saarah is ever going to grow. I mean, each time I look at her she seems bigger, but then we go to buy her new clothes and anything even remotely close to what an appropriate size should be is way too big. Pictures like this one only further … Continue reading