Picture 10.3.10


While the kids have proper ride-on trucks, they have both, at different times, decided that this one would be equally appropriate to use. Yes, despite it’s undoubtedly uncomfortably small size, along with the difficult propulsion technique required, the children insist that this activity continues. There is also the fact that I’ve told them many times not to do this anymore as I’m worried that they might break the truck, though with the number of times that they’ve done this, you’d think if it was going to break it would’ve done so by now. Aside from the practical aspects, there is the fact that they just look ridiculous. The image seems to intensify in ridiculousness when viewed from behind.

One Response to “Picture 10.3.10”
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s quite possibly the only time Saarah has looked like a giant!

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