Picture 10.5.10 “Delicious Pumpkins”


So the question is “How many different foods can you make out of one pumpkin?” So far we’re up to four and we still have a little more pumpkin remaining, though I don’t know if there’s enough to do much with. I suppose the answer to that question could vary greatly depending on how much of each food you were to make, as well as how large the pumpkin you’re using is. This picture was taken while I was putting a pie together, which was the first of the four foods we’ve made thus far. Since the kids were eager to help, but there really wasn’t much of anything for them to do at this point, I decided that a good job would be for them to sit and remove the seeds from the “slime”. I was amazed at how long they stayed in one spot, picking through the guts of the pumpkin in search of seeds. We later roasted the seeds, which was food number two, and they turned out as delicious as the pie did. Hooray for the delicious foods of autumn.


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