Picture 10.6.10 “Back to Square One”


As I mentioned last week, I really thought that Saarah had figured out the whole Sleeping-In-Her-Bed thing, but apparently I was wrong. All of these pictures of Saarah sleeping has got me worried that people are going to think that Saarah has been dead for quite some time now and I’m just trying to fool the authorities by putting her all over the house, pretending that she’s sleeping. I realize that whole thought was a little disturbing, or perhaps really disturbing, but there it is. It’s on the internet now. No taking it back. I can assure you that she is alive and well. Any neighbour of ours will quite happily tell you that they can still hear her protests when it comes to getting her hair washed. You’re also welcome to come over and see for yourself. She’s so cute when she’s awake that it borders on ridiculous. Perhaps I’ll just post pictures of them when they’re awake from now on.

One Response to “Picture 10.6.10 “Back to Square One””
  1. Deb Allison says:

    She’s awfully cute even when she’s sleeping, too! It seems like we are getting a lot of Saarah pictures and not many Tevye ones. This isn’t a complaint, just an observation from a doting grandma who would love more photos of both her grandkids!

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