Picture 10.8.10 “The Sweetest Little Leafs Fan Ever”


Not wanting to get bath water on my Leafs sweater, I decided to take it off and leave it on the couch while giving Saarah a bath. I came out to discover that the sweater moved, and when I inquired with Tevye he very sweetly informed me that he had “put it on, only for a second and then took it off again”. I thought it was very cute that he had wanted to wear his Tatte’s hockey sweater. Of course, after hearing this Saarah wanted to get in on the action. The darn thing barely stayed on her shoulders. She’s so tiny that her whole body quite easily goes through the neck hole, which makes keeping the darn thing on long enough to take a picture quite difficult. Perhaps the Leafs will see this picture and be so moved that they’ll fly us out to see a game.

2 Responses to “Picture 10.8.10 “The Sweetest Little Leafs Fan Ever””
  1. Deb Allison says:

    Maybe if you got a picture of the two of them wearing the Habs jersey + the Leafs jersey they could be the poster kids for both teams? They are certainly cute enough to qualify!

    • Well if I put one of them in a Habs sweater then it might appear as if I was encouraging them to be Habs fans, which isn’t something I’m prepared to do. I suppose I could put them both in Leafs sweaters though.

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