Picture 10.11.10 “Saarah the Movie Star”


Due to recent messages and comments wondering why there aren’t many pictures of Tevye recently, it’s predominantly due to the fact that there haven’t been very many good pictures of Tevye lately(he always feels the need to make some horrible face). Also, it’s due to the fact that Saarah has recently become hilarious(see picture above). I’d also like to point out that my blog was rather Tevye-Centric for the first three months that it was up, and nobody had any issue with that.

So, all of that aside, Saarah apparently has dreams of being a movie star. Everywhere she goes she has her sunglasses and her attitude, and G-d help anyone who tries to prevent her from having either of those. The shoes she’s wearing in the picture are new and she hasn’t left them alone since we bought them last week. They’re the only ones that she wants to wear anymore. Whether we’re going to a wedding, or playing soccer in the backyard, her fancy black shoes are going to be worn.


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