Picture 10.17.10 “There. Are you Happy Now?”


I don’t recall if Tevye had just given one of us a treasure that he found on the ground, or if he was anxiously awaiting a Timbit, but whatever is going on here it turned into a nice picture. We were out walking by the water at the time, along a freshly paved trail, I might add. Not that I have anything against trails that aren’t paved, it’s just that this one used to be paved until they tore it up to put pipes in, and then it was just sort of left half finished for ages, making it very difficult to push the stroller. As of a few weeks ago, the trail is back to looking nice so I don’t have to mutter four-letter superlatives under my breath the entire walk, which is also a plus.

2 Responses to “Picture 10.17.10 “There. Are you Happy Now?””
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    it was a timbit that he was waiting for!

  2. Deb Allison says:

    We knew our beautiful boy was hiding somewhere in there! Glad to see him back (at least temporarily!)

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