Picture 10.18.10 “Teeny Tiny Saarah Chayah”


I’m really starting to wonder if Saarah is ever going to grow. I mean, each time I look at her she seems bigger, but then we go to buy her new clothes and anything even remotely close to what an appropriate size should be is way too big. Pictures like this one only further the point, and this one is slightly deceiving. I believe where Saarah is walking is actually higher up than where I was, if only slightly, though it doesn’t look like it in this picture, and still she’s teeny tiny. How she crams all of her attitude into her tiny body is completely beyond me.

One Response to “Picture 10.18.10 “Teeny Tiny Saarah Chayah””
  1. Deb Allison says:

    Moishe, attitude doesn’t take up much room! By the way, we were convinced when Nic was little that she was still going to be in her car seat (maximum weight 40 lbs) when she went to kindergarten and you know what? She was!

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