Picture 10.25.10 “My Daughter’s Big Mellons”


The other day at the grocery store Tevye wouldn’t let Nicole leave unless they purchased watermelon. He was insistent again yesterday that we take the previously purchase watermelon slices to the park. It didn’t matter that it was only 5 degrees outside or that watermelon isn’t really a late October sort of snack. Tevye was determined, and since it was easier just to bring it than to argue the flawed logic of my three year old son, this is the scene that unfolded. Not only did we end up with watermelon on a freezing cold day at the park, we ended up with watermelon slices of titanic proportions, at least compared to Saarah’s small stature. She managed to make her way through most of it, and I got to take this picture, which was a bonus.


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