Picture 10.28.10 “New Boots”


Some friends of ours have a little girl who, while quite a bit younger than Saarah, is much larger. They gave us some boots that she’s outgrown, and, as I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions, Saarah loves footwear, so she was quite excited. This was on Sunday, and I don’t believe she’s gone for more than 20 minutes without trying to put her new boots on. She knows that she’s not supposed to be wearing them inside, but that doesn’t stop her. For whatever reason, Tevye and Saarah have developed a game involving Saarah’s new boots and the bathroom sink. I don’t quite understand how they came to the idea of filling her boots with water, but it’s stuck, and as far as I can tell, that’s the whole game. So far today that game hasn’t been played, but it’s only mid afternoon, so I suppose there’s still time. It looks as though Saarah’s just fallen asleep on the couch, so perhaps her boots will remain dry for the remainder of the day. Here’s hoping.

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