Picture 11.30.10 “A Dinosaur and a Puzzle?”

BS”D I was instructed, by my lovely wife, to put up a picture of Saarah in her new dress that she received for her birthday, holding her new dinosaur that she bought with her birthday money. There you go Nicole. We took the kids to the store over the weekend, where they were informed that … Continue reading

Picture 11.29.10 “A Wagon Full of Cuteness”

BS”D While both of these ladies look very cute sitting in the wagon, I think, perhaps, that one of them may be a little bigger than the manufacturers had intended.  The other one generally needs a wagon to carry around all of her attitude. I’ll let you decide which one is which. Going to the … Continue reading

Video 11.25.10 “Honky Tonk Tevye”

BS”D Sadly, I am unable to upload videos to my blog. I can, however, put up the link on YouTube to where it can be found, which is what I plan to do. It can also be viewed on the Official “Musings” Facebook page, the link for which can be found on the side of … Continue reading

Picture 11.24.10 “An Interesting Method”

BS”D First off, let me apologize for the poor quality of this picture. No sooner had I taken it, and realized the lack of quality, the children had moved from this position. I had just finished getting dressed the other morning, only to discover that this is how my children had decided to watch their … Continue reading

Picture 11.23.10 “The First Snow”

BS”D While it may seem like Saarah Chayah is looking at a ghost above my head, she is actually exclaiming very excitedly that there is snow outside. When we went outside to play in the snow the following day she really had no idea what to do with all of the white stuff. She had … Continue reading

Picture 11.22.10 “Happy Birthday Saarah Chayah”

BS”D Apparently Saarah was so excited about marking the exact moment that she was born two years ago, she felt the need to be awake in the middle of the night last night. Of course, how much fun is it to sit in your own bed, celebrating on your own? Not much, I suppose. She … Continue reading

Picture 11.21.10 “Nap Time”

BS”D You think to yourself “I’m going to take a nap, wrapped tightly in this wonderful Leafs blanket, and nobody will ever know my true hockey feelings” only to have your dirty little secret exposed to the entire world. Muahahahaha! I’m just joking. Nicole is still as much of a Habs fan as she ever … Continue reading

Picture 11.19.10 “Confusing Her Sweaters”

BS”D Saarah was lying on the floor this morning, being cute as a button, reading “The Hockey Sweater”. If you aren’t familiar with this story, then you’re obviously not Canadian. As a matter of fact, I believe there may be questions about this story on the Canadian Citizenship Exam, though I can’t be certain. For … Continue reading

Picture 11.18.10 “Bedtime Avoidance”

BS”D There are three things that can be learned from this picture: 1. Saarah loves anything that her big brother enjoys, as you can tell by the trains, both in her hand and on the couch. It’s so very sweet to watch her trying to be just like Tevye. It doesn’t matter what the activity … Continue reading

Picture 11.17.10 “Angelic My Foot”

BS”D Okay, so it probably doesn’t help that Saarah’s just gotten out of the bath, and I’m now holding her upside down, but as you can see there are times when Saarah isn’t the sweet little angel that most of the pictures would have you believe. This particular picture was taken to prove just that … Continue reading