Picture 11.02.10 “Apis Cutest”


While it’s generally accepted that if you leave a bee alone it’ll leave you alone, it’s not the case with this particular sort of bee. This variety, known as the “Apis Cutest” will harass you until it receives treats. It will go from place to place, in search of treats until it collapses from exhaustion, at which point it will need to be carried back to the hive by the tatte. The Apis Cutest doesn’t care how far away from the hive it may have wandered, nor will it put any effort into being transported back home. It will just sit there like a lump, thinking heavy thoughts, until it arrives back at the hive where it seems to find a new source of energy, running around and avoiding bedtime to the best of its abilities.

2 Responses to “Picture 11.02.10 “Apis Cutest””
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    That was a very good blog entry Tatte! Well written, and adorable picture!

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