Picture 11.11.10 “A Formal Protest”


Last night I wracked my brain for ages, trying to figure out what to make for supper. After much deliberation I inquired with my two delightful children if they might enjoy shakshuka(eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Very Israeli and very delicious) with rice. Since they both love both of those foods, they were more than eager to jump on the this-is-what-we’re-having-for-supper bandwagon. Off we trundled in the frozen evening to the corner store to pick up the ingredients we were short on(eggs and tomatoes, actually. It’s rather hard to make shakshuka without either of those items). Upon arriving home I got to work making supper, both of them in the background reaffirming their desire to eat supper, and this specific meal, no less. Nicole came through the door right on time and we all parked our posteriors in our respective chairs in great anticipation of the meal set before us. With great enthusiasm both Nicole and I dug in to our supper, devouring it with all of the enthusiasm of hungry lions crouched over a dead zebra. After a minute or two it had become abundantly apparent that neither of our children had any intention of actually eating their supper. Hmm, well that’s a pain in the butt. So after much effort on our part to encourage mastication on the part of our children, they just weren’t going to give in. Eventually, Tevye was sent to his room for his attitude. After an appropriate amount of time I informed him that he could come out and eat his supper. When no response was heard from his room I went to see why not. Imagine walking into his room to discover the scene in the picture above. I couldn’t help but chuckle and call Nicole to see what form of protest Tevye had taken. Obviously we took a picture prior to getting him to come out. I mean, how could you not? After all this, he came to the table and ate his supper all up without any fuss. He also informed me that it was delicious. Obviously it’s delicious, Tevye. I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t.


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