Picture 11.18.10 “Bedtime Avoidance”


There are three things that can be learned from this picture:

1. Saarah loves anything that her big brother enjoys, as you can tell by the trains, both in her hand and on the couch. It’s so very sweet to watch her trying to be just like Tevye. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, if Tevye likes it, then it’s good enough for Saarah. A couple of weeks back Tevye was sick, and Saarah, not wanting to miss out on being just like her big brother, decided that she was sick too. A few days later she was suffering through the same flu that Tevye had. The two of them took such good care of the other one while they weren’t feeling tops. It really warms a tatte’s heart to see them get along so well.

2. If your child wears jammies with feet, then they bottoms get dirty awfully fast.

3. Saarah is now under the impression that if she hides her face, whether behind her hands, or in this case, behind a pillow, nobody can see her and she no longer has to abide by whatever we’ve asked/told her to do. She seems to think that she’s an ostrich, despite her small stature. I say that, but in reality there has never been a reported case of an ostrich actually sticking its head into the sand. It’s so cliche, and yet it’s based on something that has never happened.

3 Responses to “Picture 11.18.10 “Bedtime Avoidance””
  1. Nicole Allison says:

    As Saarah would say, “I’m gone!”.

  2. Thomas Callow says:

    I quite enjoyed this article! I’ve been reading them consistently for the past few months and am loving them all! Good job Tatte!

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